Hire,Draught,Beer,Keg, Or Draught Beer Tap Rental

Rent / Hire a draught beer machine .

Draught beer tap for hire, Draught beer keg rent a Draught beer machine.

Draught Beer Taps / Draught Beer Keg’s Hire. for Hire or rent in Gauteng. … Rent a draught beer machines from Partyequip and you could be sipping ice cold beer in your lounge poured right then and there! … Pretoria /Johannesburg.

Draught beer tap for hire, Draught beer keg rent a Draught beer machine.

  • Price listed includes beer and dispensing system
  • All you add is ice.
  • Includes free setup,pack up & cleaning.
  • Contact us for delivery & available.
  • Delivered straight to your door,set up ready to go.
  • This price excludes deliverys and collections.


Size of keg


Hansa 30 liters    R 2,550.
Amstel 30 liters    R 2,550.
Castle Lite 50 liters    R 2,500.
Peroni 30 liters    R 3,700.
Guinness 30 liters    R 3,500.
Kilkenny 30 liters      R 3,600.
Castle 50 liters    R 2,800.
Black Label 50 liters    R 2,800.
Windhoek 50 liters    R 3,500.
Stella Artois 30 liters    R 3,900.

Draught beer tap Draught beer keg Hire or rent a Draught beer machine

This unit stands separate to your chosen keg. Simply add ice to cold plate inside the box. we like drought beer so much we want to share it with all our friends – so, we made a clever little contraption that you can hire from us that will let you pour … Forget the mess of cans and bottles clogging up your fridge and loads of garbage to clean up and dispose of, get yourself a keg instead, all you’ll need is cups. Rent A Keg & Draught Tap For A Party, Wedding Or Business Function.

hire beer pong table Our tables are Portable table That Folds up in 2 and fits in most cars on the back seat. This Beer Pong Table includes, cups and balls.

3 Flavor soda fountain system ,capability to quickly recover and can handle high volume applications.

(R) E-mail for more info – info@partyequip.co.za